Need for Channel Sales and Distribution Management System
Posted on:  Nov 16, 2012

Most of the Sales Managers usually have tough time not while they are selling or promoting their products but when they start creating or collating those large, multiple and mind boggling sales reports which is meant to summarize and showcase performance of every entity involved in the sales process. They keep asking questions like what are my actual Daily Sales, Which Brand, Which SKU, Which Distributor, Which region and blah-blah performed Best? Who were the under-achievers? What could have been the reasons? Why did I know this now when I was supposed to know this a month ago? Oh my God, there is large sales-return inventory waiting to be processed? What will happen to my target when sales-return is adjusted? Oh, there are approx 100 more orders still waiting to be delivered, why there was so much delay? I could have achieved better, had these orders been delivered on time.

The number of questions is endless and solutions are rare so most of the time the reports that are created or collated at the last hour are delayed, incomplete, mixture guestimates just meant for sales meetings.

Who loses? It’s the Company and its Brands Boss! Now the question is should the company carry-on with this current state of sales Processes and continue losing its market share or Raise an Alram! Keep checking, we will come back soon to discuss some strategic solutions in this regard.

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