Posted on:  Oct 14, 2011

Because if you run a Fitness or Gyming center, you must know that your equipments are worth it; only if you don’t follow the “fix it only when it stops working” approach. The reason they associate with it is the cost factor. Seldom do they realize that having an equipment maintenance program will cost them far less and much more beneficial than not having a maintenance program.

There are couple of more reasons why you should service your fitness equipments. Equipments are the biggest asset if you have a health or fitness regime, they involve safety issues, and your customers increase on the basis of your smooth equipment functioning. Let us take a closer look at all the reasons, and also understand some basic tips you can ask your customers to take care of.

Commercial equipments in a fitness center are expensive. No one can think to bear the loss of commercial property lying idle for days. Some gym centers work on hourly basis, and if a machine goes faulty, every hour they lose set of customers who cannot use that machine. In a competitive market, one may find a plethora of gyms in most of the areas. Customers enjoy easy accessibility to move to other centers if they are not able to leverage the benefits of all the equipments they want. When people buy or rent the health and fitness equipment, they tend to check with the manufacturer about the service and maintenance procedure they follow. How excellent is their customer service approach; on an average, how long do they take to repair/service a machine; and how rigorous are they in meeting AMCs.

Customers Safety - Customers getting them hurt in Gym would be a worst nightmare for a gym owner. They sure don’t want anybody to fall from the treadmill because the belt broke while they were running, or hurt their ankle because pedal broke of the Upright Bike. To rule out all the chances of this misfortune, you need to follow a regular equipment maintenance cycle. They sure can’t keep anything faulty in place, just to learn it when the damage has been done. Prevention is half the battle won. Hence it’s always better to ensure regular maintenance services to your customers.

Selection of a health and fitness equipment manufacturer - When someone buys fitness equipment, they are buying more than just equipment. Every sale is a promise to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, and also the promise of excellent equipment after-sales. Hence in order to offer superior customer service, and also to safeguard the image of a responsible health and equipment manufacturer, you need to arrange for on-site repair processing. You should arrange for steady engineers who visit the site and repair the machine. In case the repair isn’t possible on site, you need to strategize the RTB (Return To Bench) repair process. You may also need to implement a software solution that automates the entire warranty, repair & maintenance processes of your products. Such a solution should be capable of providing comprehensive analysis related to customer details, repair history, support TAT (Turn-Around-Time), preventive actions taken, parts replaced or repaired, alerts generated to the customer about required maintenance, repair in progress or scheduled and more.

As a gym owner, it makes good economic sense to take good care of your equipments, and as a manufacturer, you must ensure that with your streamlined repair services, you are able to help the commercial gym centers run efficiently without fail.  "After-Sales Service though critical is still a neglected or less thought about business process in the health & wellness industry and can be a major bottleneck to the growth if it continues to be neglected further."

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Reader's Comments
 May 16, 2012 at 16:23 PM
Thanks for sharing such an straight blog. As every equipment needs maintenance, health equipments also need it.
 Jul 16, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Is there any way to get training in the repair and service of fitness equipment online or in MI?I would like training in the service of fitness equipment and I live in Northern, MI My mother and her Husband Bought a Fitness center and they need a repair man, the guy they have now lives 100 miles away.
 Jul 30, 2012 at 20:36 PM
I enjoyed the tips you are providing on your website. commercial fitness equipment can make one’s health fit. Thanks for the information……..
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