Posted On: Jan 23, 2012   

Given a chance, don’t we usually feel tempted to buy a mobile phone from outside India? Our idea is that we will get it at a ‘cheaper’ price. But are we forgetting something very important? Know Ahead..

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Posted By :  Vibha-Babbar

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Posted On: Jan 23, 2012   

Because if you run a Fitness or Gyming center, you must know that your equipments are worth it; only if you don’t follow the “fix it only when it stops working” approach. When someone buys fitness equipments, they are buying more than just equipments. Every sale is a promise to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, and also the promise of excellent equipment after-sales service.

After-Sales Service though critical is still a neglected or less thought about business process in the health & wellness industry and can be a major bottleneck to the growth if it continues to be neglected further.

Posted In :  Customer Experience Management
Posted By :  Rakesh Kumar

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